• "Lady M" is in house at Zen Café & Lounge! Love their green tea cake. No need to go to NY for that anymore! Strongly recommended…… You may want to call first to make sure you reserve a piece "Lady M" as it goes really fast.

  • We love their amazing shots set "Love Journey", so pretty and so tasty. Each shot has a name and all 6 of them make a complete love journey. So romantic and thoughtful!!! We have a wonderful time, will definitely come back again!

  • Guess what I like the most? Cheese Cake @ the Cheesecake Factory is now offered at Zen Café & Lounge, I'm so impressed with the cake and the ice wine.

  • Took my parents to this new trendy place in the evening, they even have caffeine-free organic tea for those who has zero tolerance of caffeine. Now they can enjoy a late night drink with me worry free.

  • You have to try their organic latte! Soooo good!!! I've never tasted anything like this good with beautiful latte arts! They made me 3 hearts last time I was there.

  • I'm deeply in love with their white grand player piano bar, so pretty and so cool when it plays itself….. Very much like an invisible pianist performing live in front of your eyes. We want to go there to relax every night!